We speak your language… You are just one click away from our exclusive turkish translation solutions. Thanks to our 1500+ professional translators located all over the world, e-tercumeburosu.com can meet all your turkish translation requirements in a short time and deliver to you by e-mail or any other form of communication. We specialize in translating all types of documents, no matter how technical, industry specific, or lengthy. We have the necessary expertise and experience to guarantee you a speedy, cost-effective and secure translation service. 

Certified Translation

A certified translation is a legal record proving your document is an accurate translation of its original source. Translators who are experienced in their field and have the knowledge necessary to make sound judgments handle certified translations. Process starts with the translation and proofreading of the document and is completed after sealed and signed by the notary public. A certified translation is usually required for any governmental or legal correspondence, but can also be required by clients belonging to other fields. We provide notarized or certified translation services in all major languages. We can help with specific translation projects such as birth and marriage certificates, contracts, academic documents, divorce decrees, court pleadings etc.

Technical Translation

Broadly speaking, technical translation is the translation of materials dealing with scientific and technical subjects and using the specialized terminology of the scientific or technical field involved. While technology contributes to the global communication, the need of users from multiple cultures and nations to fully understand documentation accompanying a piece of the said subjects also grows. Technical translators make texts with technical jargon readable for a wider audience. The role of the technical translator is to convey the meaning of the highly specialized technical documentation providing enough information for people to understand. e-tercumeburosu.com is a leading translation service provider that works with the best mother-tongue professional translators in technical translation.

Academic Translation

Academic translation is a translation service usually required in academic researches and in master/doctoral dissertations. e-tercumeburosu.com offers distinguished translation services to academic researchers worldwide. Through our words, we empower authors around the globe to communicate their work across boundaries and cultural barriers. Academic translations require a very detailed, specialized knowledge of the field being discussed, often at an expert level. Hence, our turkish oriented translation agency only works with translators who offer subject-matter expertise along with a mastery of languages.

Medical Translation

Medical translation is the translation of technical, regulatory, clinical or marketing documentation, software or training curriculum for the pharmaceutical, medical device or healthcare fields. Most countries around the world require that literature and labeling associated with medical devices or pharmaceuticals sold be translated into the national language(s). In addition, documents necessary to conduct clinical trials often require translation in order for local clinicians and patients and regulatory representatives to be able to read them. Regulatory approval submissions typically have to be translated as well. Aside from linguistic skills, it requires specific training and subject matter knowledge in order to translate medical content. This is because of the highly technical, sensitive and regulated nature of medical texts.

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Transcription services are often provided for business, legal, or medical purposes. The most common type of transcription is from a spoken-language source into text such as a computer file suitable for printing as a document such as a report. Common examples are the proceedings of a court hearing such as a criminal trial (by a court reporter) or a physician’s recorded voice notes (medical transcription). e-tercumeburosu.com makes your transcription job easier. We offer professional typing services for a variety of industries. We transcribe high-quality transcripts of various digital dictation recordings. Our transcription clients include hospitals, clinics, law firms, and businesses of all specialties and sizes. We maintain high standards, and excellent quality control. Customer satisfaction is our main priority. Our clients carefully review their final transcript and no job is considered complete until the client is satisfied. Every job receives the same attention to detail, no matter its size or scope.

Localization… Targeting an international demographic that includes various countries and cultures is at the core of globalizing your business today. The ability to communicate effectively with an international audience is the key to keeping a global business competitive. To truly deliver an experience above the rest, a company needs to go beyond simple word for word translation of their website.

While a simple translation does allow your website to be accessible, basic content translation is not very effective for marketing and creative campaigns. Without localization of content, images, and colors the true meaning and context of your message may get lost in translation. Localization is the adaptation of a product or service to fit a certain language or culture. Localization is used in businesses that want to expand their client base to include international users. The importance of localization is numerous, and these are some reasons why your companies should also invest in it:

Providing localization services will not just give you an edge over your competitors, it will allow you set and impeccable standard in the global market.

Localization has proven to be the best way to show local consumers that you care about, as most consumers tend to buy products from companies that make the effort to reach out to them than one that doesn’t.

We provide the resources, know-how and expertise that the industry’s leading players need to deliver top quality products to their global markets. We’re dedicated to delivering the highest quality localized products wherever you do business. Based in Turkey, e-tercumeburosu.com is your gateway to Turkey.